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We left the doctor’s office and my head started spinning. I couldn’t remember where I had parked the car. Quite miraculously, Robert managed to navigate us to the correct floor of the parking garage. I felt that all hope had been sucked out of me. I had been struggling to cope since our last appointment with the family doctor, but receiving this final blow was brutal. I put my left hand on the side of the car, leaned over, and threw up. It was just bile. I had to push something out of me—denial, anger, angst—I didn’t know. I only knew that I needed it out. I wiped my mouth, my snotty nose and my tear-stained face with jittery hands and then leaned heavily against the back of the car.

I took a long, shaky breath in and out in an attempt to pull myself together. ….So began the journey with her husband who is diagnosed with early onset Dementia at the age of 51. Forgiving the Man who Forgot carries the reader along one woman’s journey of love, honesty, disappointment and courage, detailing her life before, during and after her husband’s diagnosis of early onset dementia. Reading this memoir, the reader feels as though the author is sitting across from them and sharing the ups and downs of her life, over a glass of wine or cup of coffee.

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